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Campaigns + Maps

PostPosted: Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:53 pm
by stormclouds
Hi, the 100th anniversary of British operations in WW1 is upon us. To mark this occasion, I've detailed the various campaigns & maps in Storm Clouds in a dev log video:

The rough breakdown is:

WW1 Redux
- 1916-1918 - Arras (Northern France) - medium sized map with dynamic seasons. Entire aerial combat section of the war in a single campaign.

Fokker Scourge
- 1916 - Ypres (Belgium) - small spring map. Fokker E.III vs DH.2 & Nieuport.

Bloody April
- 1917 - Arras (Northern France) - medium sized spring & summer map. German Albatros fighters wreak havoc.

Tanks at Cambrai
- 1917 - Cambrai (Northern France) - medium sized winter map. Introduces the new British superweapon - tanks!

Final Months
- 1918 - Amiens (Northern France) - large summer & autumn map. Features all the late-war planes.

Some screenshots of the various seasonal textures:

Image Image Image Image